This series of mixed media works on paper titled Rupture explores the impact of disruptive events on our perception of time. Rupture refers to the sudden interruption or a tear in the linear flow of time, where events no longer follow a predictable sequence. In these pieces, I deconstruct, collage, and reassemble old and current works to merge fragments of the past and present, bridging gaps in the timeline. Through the process, a new reality emerges that embodies time's flat and multidimensional aspects. I pair these explorations with unfolding geometric forms signifying a breakdown in spatial structure, further complicating our conventional notions of time while creating openings for new perspectives.

This work was part of A Pair of Pairs, a four-person show at Montgomery College, King Street Gallery. Mon, 20 February 2023 - Fri, 07 April 2023

Document I-VI (18 x 24 in)

Rupture I-XII (9 x 12 in)