Press Release

Night and Day 

355 Pod Space, Visarts, Rockville, MD

Janet Olney uses her abstract language of shape to reflect on the past year of pandemic life and our re-emergence. “Night and Day” translates the shifting perceptions from then to now and the individual experiences of quarantine into gesture and form. The installation reframes the familiar into a metaphorical world that circumvents language and unfolds as a new interpretation of everyday experience.

“My work surfaces the unseen through a sense of the familiar and observable – spatial relationships, the play of light, and the connection of gesture to form. Deciphering between reality and abstraction creates opportunities to entertain things beyond the realm of accepted knowledge.”

The Pod 355 Space is a ninety-foot-long glass exterior space.

On view: 28 July - 17 Oct, 2021, Reception: September 3, 7-9 pm